Frequently asked questions with regard to security in apartments.

Q: What are the most preferred locations by expats?
A: Colombo 02, 03, 04, 05, 07 & Rajagiriya. The reason for this is because most of the expats live in these areas and there is very minimal crime rate or no crimes at all. The areas safe, people are professional, everything you need from schools, banks, restaurants to supermarkets and malls is around the corner and most importantly much of the action is around the area if you take the workplaces and embassies and so on. So it’s best to stick to these areas and once settled, you could explore the country and decided for yourself on where you would like to be. 

Q:Are security personnel trained?
A: Security personnel are not that well trained, most of them lack in common sense, you will notice that they are lazy and not so much into their jobs, most of them are not well versed with their language. The only exception one can make is for the security personnel of the A grade luxury apartments who are in somewhat more professional than the others. Some of these security personnel do other work such as brokering (which is strictly not allowed by the management) and setting up cleaning service people for apartments, some even go and do the cleaning themselves after work hours. 

Q: Do all apartments have a camera in the lift?
A: Having cameras in the lift is vital, there have been incidents in the past where things have gone downhill for apartment complexes when the camera in the life is not installed, however this is very subjective is mostly applicable for apartment complexes which have hundreds of apartments as that would mean there are more people and hence, there is more movement. You will notice that most of the B and C grade apartments do not have a security camera in the lift. 

Q:Is the security really super tight in apartments?
A: Security is very tight in the A grade apartments, not so much in the B and C grade apartments. Some of the security guards do not wear a uniform. The best way to figure this out is when you enter the apartment with your agent, watch how the security reacts, if they start questioning the agent and ask to log the information, then you can assume that there is tight security otherwise walking it off and heading straight into apartment means the security is not that tight. 

Q: How trustworthy are maids and security personnel in Colombo?
A: Don’t trust any of the maids, security personnel you ever come across, it’s too risky if you do so. 

Q: Have there been any serious situations in apartment complexes in Colombo?
A: Yes, there have been situations like robberies, murders and suicides. Ask your agent to find out through the broker before finalizing the apartment. 

Q: It is safe to live in a house or an apartment?
A: It is always safer to live in an apartment as opposed to a house but there are houses which can also have high security systems which are connected to the local are police stations. If you are starting off your stay, then the best option is to move into an apartment first and then assess the situation thereafter. 

Q: Are the security personnel nice to the residents?
A: Yes, they are especially if you are white skinned and if you are well dressed. Frankly, no one cares whether the security personnel are nice to you or not so long as they are doing their job right but you would no doubt notice a bit of lenience towards foreigners. 

Q: Is Colombo generally considered to be safe to live in?
A: Colombo is one of the safest cities to live in South Asia. The city is going through major changes, it’s certainly looking much more developed than it was 10 years ago. 

Q: How is the attitude of Sri Lankans towards expats/ foreigners?
A: In a word, Friendly! Sri Lankans are friendly people that like to win hearts. Treat them with respect and dignity and they will not fail reciprocating the same. Sri Lankans also like to have fun and enjoy the good company of others and are very helpful. If you are stuck for directions, just stop any local and ask for help and they will willingly help you if they can.  


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