Stunning House for Sale in Kandana

House for Sale in Kandana

The House beneath the Karanda tree

Since 2016

The Story behind it.. Since it was easier to get to and from work, a young couple brought a tiny 9 perch plot of land in Kandana . Few months later they brought an old window from an antique shop and decided to build a house a round it , which now they call “home”. This house fitted there life style like a glove: There were plenty of walls on which to hang nattys growing collection of paintings. There was also a plenty of space to store Alston’s books and Antiques. The house is cool and filled with light , and during monsoon showers is transformed into a spectacular view point and on a clam night an ideal place for an intimate moonlit dinner party. It also consists of a more intimate bed- sitter with a walk- in closet to accommodate nattys collection of shoes and dresses . This two storey house is Wrapped around a Dog- leg Staircase and managed to provide a double- height living space which makes it a clam and cosy place to relax after a long day’s work. The over hanging branches from the Karanda tree shelter the house from sun and monsoon rain, while the section encourages cooling drafts , removing the need of Air conditioning . The ceiling hight windows and pillers leading to it are a soothing light blue to evoke the sky, the sun kissed walls are yellow to suggest flashes of sunlight & the indoor door frames are blue – green to draw a lush green feeling into the house. Although relatively small , this jewel of a house functions admirably as a home , as a gallery to house there large collection of paintings and artefacts , as an office and as an entertainment pavilion .⠀Click below to watch the full video walkthrough!